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Not just delicious apples.

The company «Fruits of the Old Crimea»

is a full-cycle enterprise-from growing Apple orchards to carefully collecting and storing apples . The fertile soil and temperate climate of the Crimea allow you to grow apples of different varieties without the use of chemical fertilizers. Each variety has unique consumer and taste properties that are appreciated by customers.


Our gains.

We constantly confirm the quality of our products and the level of confidence in it from customers by participating in major international exhibitions and forums in Russia.


Our products take part in quality contests «Golden autumn «and»Best product».


Our mission:

  1. Production of high-quality organic products that meet the needs of the market;
  2. Create and maintain strong partnerships with our clients.

Why us?

  1. The presence of your own Apple orchards in the Crimea;
  2. Use of advanced technologies in growing and harvesting;
  3. High yield and quality of apples that exceed the standard indicators for the content of dry substances: pectin, sugar and have a unique taste and aroma, in accordance with the requirements of Standards;
  4. Expansion of Apple varieties (types) on a permanent basis in accordance with market needs;
  5. The guarantee of a stable wholesale supply.

The Fruit of the Old Crimea company, founded in 2014, is a large dynamically developing full-cycle enterprise: from cultivation to wholesale sale of apples of different varieties throughout Russia.

The total area of Apple orchards in Crimea is 255 hectares. Seedlings specially grown in nurseries in Italy, Belgium, and the Crimea are used for laying new gardens. Our main advantage is growing 100% natural Apple. This is achieved through minimal processing of fruits and Apple orchards themselves, since the fertile soils of the Crimea and the temperate climate contribute to rich harvests of high-quality and natural fruits.

Thanks to the use of advanced (Italian) technologies and European equipment throughout the entire cycle from growing to processing fruits, the company is rapidly increasing the volume of Apple cultivation. Currently, LLC «Fruits of the Old Crimea» systematically implements the processes of mechanization of production processes.

In 2017, a storage pond with a displacement of 250 thousand m3 was built. Irrigation is carried out on the principle of drip irrigation. The supply of moisture is carried out dosed and systematically, in small portions. The crop ripens evenly, and the soil retains its fertility – after all, minerals are not washed out of it. In addition, along with water through drip systems, fertilizing is also carried out, which saves fertilizers and labor costs.

Harvesting is carried out using modern agricultural equipment that provides careful care and eating of apples.

The presence of its own fruit storage facilities allows you to store apples in a controlled gas environment. These modern storage technologies allow you to preserve the consumer properties of apples until the new harvest season.

Our products

Each variety has unique consumer and taste properties that are appreciated by customers.

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Full production cycle

Full production cycle: from growing to storing fruits


Use of advanced technologies

Minimal processing

Minimal processing of fruits


Careful collection and application of long-term fruit storage technologies

100% natural

100% natural product quality


Creating and maintaining partnerships with retail chains.

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